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Brain Smart Classroom Management- Develop strategies for conscious discipline skills to create safe havens for learning. (Click Syllabus for a full description).

PEDU 9098 – 1, 2, or 4 Graduate-Level, Semester Credits
(The University of the Pacific charges $62.00 per credit in addition to CT fees)



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School Families: Brain Smart Classroom Management

This course helps teachers build genuine bonds between themselves and their students, and students with classmates, to create ‘kindred classhomes’ with a foundation of acceptance, respect, and shared purpose. For many of our students, our classrooms may be a safe, nurturing refuge…the eye of the hurricane they experience as life. This course will help develop strategies, rituals, and environmental design skills to create these safe havens of learning: kindred classhomes where students and teachers work together in synergistic ways that benefit all members of the school family. Students will learn how to differentiate classroom management and discipline similarly to differentiating for students’ diverse academic needs. One size does not fit all, but all sizes can fit together.

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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter