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Turning Point

Friendly Universe Collection

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Friendly Universe Collection

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Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree

Friendly Universe Collection

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Friendly Universe

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then, do what’s possible; and suddenly, you’re doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi. 

Watch this video to get an overview into the Friendly Universe, the Synergy Pals, and what this whole program is about.

The most important question… “Is it a friendly universe within and without?” – Albert Einstein

The Synergy Quiz

A short little video to promote Dr. Ardy’s synergy quiz. A tool for children to learn about themselves and others. Watch the video, take the quiz to understand your strengths.

Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree Trailer

The last thing Bond wants is to go on a school camping trip. He is sure it is going to be one big bore, and upon his arrival, he is convinced of it. All of his fellow students are either too caught up in their friends, have their face stuck in books, or running around causing havoc. Bond wants no part of it.

Synergy Pals – It’s All About You

A children’s rap song that teaches the 4 different learning skills through 4 animal characters – Thinkabout Owl, Lookabout Lion, Talkabout Chimp and Feelabout Koala.

Synergy Pals – When Chaos Strikes

Another delightful video featuring Dr. Ardys Reverman’s the Synergy Pals for children dealing with stress. We all handle stress differently, understanding the individual child and their needs aids when dealing with chaotic times and situations.  

The Magic Window

If you could look inside your thoughts through a magic window, what do you suppose you’d see?

Art resources

The Art of Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte is the artist that visualized and illustrated the Synergy Pals; Bringing them to live in board games, books, and these classes.

Lesson Plans

The Write Way

Building Fluency with Students

I heard the music coming from the classroom before I opened the door — Mozart’s cello concertos. Over a year had passed since I’d finished coaching this new eighth grade English teacher in a tough school; I was driving through the neighborhood and decided to drop in and see how Ms. K was faring. What I found on this freezing January morning was something good, something working as I had resolved to find in our schools this year.

Friendly Universe

21 Assorted Lesson Plans

Creative Brain Multiple Intelligence Classroom – K / 12 Lesson Plans.

A sample of what’s inside:

  • Base Camp Math – 8/12 Grade
  • Probability Math – 6/12 Grade
  • Self-Esteem/ Character Education – 9/12 Grade
  • Explorations – Koala Harmony – Team-Smart

PSU CI 510

Sample Unite: Genocide

Below is a unit that was created with my freshman community teachers. The team was comprised of one English teacher, one Social Studies teacher, and Me a Special Educator. Our team has been working together for three years now. This is the first unit that we were all able to collaborate with. The outcome has been quite strong for our students, both special needs and non-special needs.

Multiple Intelligence

Creating Learning Stations

Create Multiple Intelligence Learning Stations to discover students interactive sensory preference. Students alternate team tasks to manage their own self directed behavior in a core subject area, actively engaging visual, auditory, kinesthetic and analytical understanding.


Heart To Heart Game

Heart 2 Heart is the ultimate slumber party game for teen girls. Combining self awareness and teamwork, Heart 2 Heart provokes positive conversations and a safe environment for players to discover how everyone sees the world differently.

Find out which players are a green (logical thinker) and who is a blue (visual and intuitive) by finishing sentences such as “If I was stranded on an island, the one thing I would want is…” with answers such as “TV, my cell phone, a game, or a good book.”