APPs for K-12


Personalized solutions, learning beyond the classroom and connections to the adult world are critical for preparing each student, whatever path they take after graduation, for the vast challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

PEDU 9097 – 1, 2, or 4 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
(The University of the Pacific charges $62.00 per credit in addition to CT fees)



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APPs for K-12 Instruction Stations: Personalized Solutions for Differentiated Classrooms

The future is not about what you know but about how you use the  knowledge you have. How to use technology to augment natural talents focused on instructions stations: think look-talk-feel.  Take advantage of myriad educational apps — many of them free — to enhance instruction and learning for K-12 students. Apps for tablets and smartphones have been shown to increase student engagement and interaction with course content and enable students to take individual ownership of their learning. Acquire management strategies for using tablets or smartphones to provide whole group, small group, and individualized learning opportunities, and to extend learning opportunities beyond the engaged classroom. Become familiar with learning networks for technology-using educators you can join in order to connect and share ideas with your peers, channel humanity and empathy to achieve real-life skills, extend your own professional development, and stay current on educational and technological developments.

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