How do I log into my courses?

Click "LMS login" in the top menu, use your username and password for this site. Easy. Peasy.


University of the Pacific students not seeking a degree are not sent 1098-T’s.  Our zero balance receipts have the university's tax ID # & are usually sufficient enough when filing. To request a zero balance receipt send an email to in the request include your full name, the last 4 of your SS#, your email address, course names, and course numbers.

University of the Pacific/University College 209.946.2424

For the CT Courses charges, use the information on the receipt you received from CT Courses.

Transcript Information

Unofficial Transcripts:
An unofficial transcript will be mailed to you automatically from University of the Pacific- Benerd College within one week from when you complete your course. You can expect to receive an unofficial transcript within 1-2 weeks from when you complete your course. If you do not receive it within that time frame, please contact the main office at University of the Pacific-Benerd College (209.946.2424) to determine the status of your unofficial transcript or to request another copy to be mailed to you. Your unofficial transcript will include your Student ID from UOP.
Official Transcripts:

Ordering an official transcript online is quick and easy through Parchment. There are two options when placing your order for an official transcript.

Option 1: Order an e-transcript
* The cost for an e-transcript is $6.65 plus
* processing fee of $3.35

Option 2: Order a hard copy transcript
* $2.50 for first-class mail and
* $30.00 for FedEx domestic


  • Enter your personal information as prompted to establish an account with Parchment.
  • Choose “Yes, currently attending” for the Enrollment Status question, so that the “Hold for Grades” becomes visible. If you choose the option to Hold for Grades, please use the “Special Instructions” box to specify the course being held.
  • Reference your Student ID (via the unofficial transcript you receive in the mail) when completing your transcript order on Parchment.

Click here to order an official transcript.


How can I be reimbursed by my district?

It is usually easy to receive reimbursement for CT Courses.
CT Courses will send you a detailed receipt within 24hrs of your registration. University of the Pacific receipts, if previously enrolled your receipt will be sent within 24hrs, new enrollees, 2-3 business days.
Submit both receipts along with your transcripts to your district for reimbursement. (some districts will accept your certificate of completion in lieu of your transcripts)
The best and most accurate tuition reimbursement information will be available from your district HR department.

As always, feel free to contact us if you need any help.

What is a PDU?

Required Professional Development Units (PDUs): Are needed to maintain a teaching license for the state of Oregon. PDUs are determined by the amount of credits a teacher is getting from a graduate or non-graduate course at a university. All educators who have obtained a final license type will soon be required to complete Professional Development Units (PDUs) to renew, regardless of employment status. A “final license type” is defined as a license that an educator could choose to renew indefinitely, for the remainder of a career. This State of Oregon change takes effect January 1st, 2013.

What types of Oregon licenses require PDUs?

Basic, Standard, Initial II, Limited, Career and Technical II, Five-Year Career and Technical, Initial School Psychologist, Distinguished Administrator, or Continuing license. And Substitute Teacher.

What’s the difference between a semester credit hour and a term credit hour?

Semester credit hours are worth 1.5 quarter credits.

How many PDUs do teachers have to complete?

Half Time or more employees of a school district must complete 25 PDUs per year or a total of 75 PDUs for a 3 year license and 125 PDUs for a five-year license. 75 PDUs = 3.75 PSU Credit Hours 125 PDUs = 6.25 PSU Credit Hours If the teacher has substituted, or is retired or unemployed AND will renew their license in 2018, they will need to complete 25 PDUs or 1.25 Credits

I have a masters degree and feel I don’t need to complete PDUs, is this true?

For all renewals after January 1st, 2013, teachers must complete PDUs to maintain their license, regardless of employment status.

Can I use the same PDUs to renew more than one license?

Yes, if a teacher holds more than one type of teaching license. The PDUs taken through PSU will count towards their license requirements on all licensees. Everyone on a full license will have to complete at least some PDUs if they renew in 2013.

How many PDUs will I receive if I take a class from Ardys through University of the Pacific?

Communication Technology offers 3 types of courses: 1 credit = 30 PDUs, 2 credit = 60 PDUs, 4 credit = 120 PDUs.

What about substitute teaching license, or restricted substitute teaching license?

Depends on when the license will expire: 2019 = 20 PDUs 2020 = 30 PDUs.

How will I pay the University of the Pacific credit fee?

When you sign up your credit card information is securely sent to the university, and your card will be charged within 48hrs.

Are CT Courses quarter hour or semester hour credits?

Graduate level semester hour credits, each semester credit is worth 1.5 quarter credits.

How do I contact the University of the Pacific?

For Registered Students: Dr. Allan Lifson 949-646-9696. The dedicated office hours are T W TH 8am -12noon PST. Email