When will I receive my grades?

Courses are graded on Tuesdays, and the university mails out Unofficial Transcripts on Wednesday and Thursday via US Mail. Along with your unofficial transcript, you will also receive information regarding how to request an OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT. However, you DO NOT have to wait until you receive your unofficial transcript to order your official transcript.

Or you can request an official transcript over the Internet. Go to the website of the registrar’s office: http://web.pacific.edu/x7062.xml and choose the National Student Clearinghouse option which is under the heading Former Students. This is an instant way to request transcripts online. You must pay with a credit card and there is a $7 charge for using this service. Transcripts cannot be requested by email, fax, or over the phone.

It is imperative that you very clearly indicate ALL PEDU numbers that you wish to appear on your official transcript. Otherwise, your transcript could be sent out to you missing a course(s). When requesting online, please write your classes in the fields marked “Enter other required instructions only” You can write more than one class on a line if you have more than 4 classes.

Also, on the second page under the heading Delivery Options, choose the Processing Option “After Grades Are Posted”. If you do not, your transcript could be sent without important information and you will have to re-order/ re-pay!

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