How do I contact the University of the Pacific?

For Registered Students: Dr. Allan Lifson 949-646-9696. The dedicated office hours are T W TH 8am -12noon PST. Email

Are CT Courses quarter hour or semester hour credits?

Graduate level semester hour credits, each semester credit is worth 1.5 quarter credits.

How will I pay the University of the Pacific credit fee?

When you sign up your credit card information is securely sent to the university, and your card will be charged within 48hrs.

What about substitute teaching license, or restricted substitute teaching license?

Depends on when the license will expire: 2019 = 20 PDUs 2020 = 30 PDUs.

How many PDUs will I receive if I take a class from Ardys through University of the Pacific?

Communication Technology offers 3 types of courses: 1 credit = 30 PDUs, 2 credit = 60 PDUs, 4 credit = 120 PDUs.