Old structures of educating are quickly becoming archaic. With fast moving technology and constantly shifting data, these days it is hard for adults let alone children.

Years ago, many of us remember sitting in a classroom trying to keep up with the notes the teacher was scribbling on the chalkboard. The teachers dictate facts, the students memorize them and then they are set off into the world to use them in practicality. It seemed to work, or did it? How well are we doing with all those facts?

A brain full of facts is good but having general understanding and knowledge breeds confidence in situations. When I was young girl around thirteen, I fell into a deep existential funk. I was caught up in questions, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” There was no fact in a textbook that would help me answer those questions.

One of the biggest issues today and one we are facing as we enter a new paradigm is a social disconnect and lack of understanding for who we are and what is happening to our world. Everything seems to be slipping through our fingers. How do we keep it from falling away all together?

The good thing is none of us has to go it alone. The biggest idea within the shift is we are getting away from the competitive individualism (me against the world) and we are now moving toward we are the world. We are shifting from ME to WE.

This is why synergy workshops are so important. Understanding our strengths and those of others help create solid teams where everyone is working toward one goal – a better future. We work better when we understand. We feel more secure and confident with knowledge. It is talking about our thoughts, sharing our ideas, expressing our emotions that gain security and ultimately a better world.