Many years ago, a friend gave me the book, “A Celestine Prophecy.” It is a fictional adventure story about the shifting paradigm. The shifting paradigm for those who are not aware is the changing of times. According to the Mayans, they describe it as entering the age of women. Ah, isn’t that nice. It is about time women have an age, and not just judged by our age, but I digress…

For those who pay attention to current events, this shift is becoming more and more evident. They speak of the entering of the new paradigm fraught with upheaval, chaos and violence. The old powers resist letting go of the control they had for centuries. Eventually, goodness and peace will prevail, if we learn to accept this change.

“All life is connected and nonviolence is the real law of our species.”

Dr. Ardys Reverman.

The age of women is not one where men become inferior. It is a time of equality and equilibrium. It is a time when humanity reestablishes harmony with nature (Mother Nature). It is a time of nurturing one another, instead of fighting with one another. It is said to be a great age of peace. So why are we all so resistant to this shift?

Change doesn’t feel good, no matter how good the change is. Change is an awkward uneasy feeling. It gives us anxiety, and possibility stress-induced illness, so we resist a bad feeling at all cost instead of allowing change to go through its natural course.

Once we allow change to occur with ease, we could be very surprised with its outcomes. The natural law only provides what is best for us as individuals, and as communities. So relax, and enjoy the ride. We all are going to come out shining on the other end.