The Synergy Quiz

A short little video to promote Dr. Ardy's synergy quiz. A tool for children to learn about themselves and others. Watch the video, take the quiz to understand your strengths.

Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree Trailer

The last thing Bond wants is to go on a school camping trip. He is sure it is going to be one big bore, and upon his arrival, he is convinced of it. All of his fellow students are either too caught up in their friends, have their face stuck in books, or running around causing havoc. Bond wants no…

Synergy Pals - It's All About You

A children's rap song that teaches the 4 different learning skills through 4 animal characters - Thinkabout Owl, Lookabout Lion, Talkabout Chimp and Feelabout Koala

Synergy Pals - When Chaos Strikes

Another delightful video featuring Dr. Ardys Reverman's the Synergy Pals for children dealing with stress. We all handle stress differently, understanding the individual child and their needs aids when dealing with chaotic times and situations.

The Magic Window

If you could look inside your thoughts through a magic window, what do you suppose you’d see? You’d see the different parts of your personality, everything that makes you who you are—the values, beliefs, and feelings that affect your thinking and behavior. You’d discover what you really want and…