If you could look inside your thoughts through a magic window, what do you suppose you’d see?

You’d see the different parts of your personality, everything that makes you who you are—the values, beliefs, and feelings that affect your thinking and behavior. You’d discover what you really want and how satisfied you’ll feel when you see you’re a whole person with a mind and hidden talents of your own. How happy you’d be with this vision! –

We’re going to show you a special magic window—one that will help you see inside of you. When you look through it, you’ll see Synergy Pals, Thinkabout Owl, Lookabout Lion, Talkabout Chimp and Feelabout Koala with colors green, blue, yellow, and red, one for each of your own points of view— Think, Look, Talk, and Feel.

The Synergy Pals show you different ways that people look at the world.

You see things based on what you are already thinking. Your thoughts tell you what to see—and what not to see. The Synergy Pals are just another way of looking at the different parts inside of YOU, and others, too. You’ll see a little bit of yourself in each one of the four pals.

As you learn more about them, your heart may tell you that one of the four is more like YOU than the others and more special to you. Which one is most like YOU? Ask your heart and then imagine…what were you born to do best? The magic window reveals the natural talents inside of you.

Take the Synergy quiz and find out who is your Synergy Pal and learn more about you.