PacificNet account setup instructions.

Follow the steps below to obtain your PacificNet Username and Password

Your PacificNet account will allow you to view the classes that you are currently enrolled in view/print unofficial transcripts and more. You will need your Pacific Universit student ID number to sign in, this can be found on the receipt that you received from the university. (receipt request instructions)

You will be required to close your web browser during this process so be sure to save or log out of any other open tabs, bookmark this page so you can get back to it.

Go to and click on the Admitted Students link.

If you get stuck during this process you may contact me and I will walk you through the process.

Enter your University of the Pacific student ID # and birthdate, your student ID # can be found on your zero balance receipt that you received from the university. Click Lookup. (receipt request instructions)

You must include the forward-slash / when entering your birthdate.

On this next page, you will see your PacificNet ID#, you will now have to enter your last name and zip code to receive your temporary password, click Lookup.

You will then receive your temporary password, this password will time out in a matter of minutes. (write down your username and temporary password) Now that you have your temporary password you will need to update it using the PacificNet Locksmith, click on the Locksmith link.

You will be brought to the Locksmith page, click continue.

On this next page, you will select the Stockton campus (STK) and enter your username and the temporary password.

On the next page, you will need to create some security questions. (this step may be in the wrong location)

Missing Screenshot

Next, you will have to verify your cell phone number

You should now be enrolled in the Locksmith system, click continue to update your password.

Now you will be able to update your password, click on the Change password link.

On this page, you will want to enter your temporary password and enter your new password.

You should end on this page.

And clicking continue should bring you back to the beginning. At this point, you will want to close all browser windows. (if you haven’t done so already bookmark this page so you can pick up where you left off) 

You will now want to click on this link to sign in to your account (this can be finicky and may require you to close your browser again before it lets you in) you should end up here. To view, your unofficial transcripts click on the Academic tab.

Bookmark this page!

Now click on the Click here to: link

Click on the Student Services link

Next click on the Student Records link.

Then click on the Academic Transcript – Stockton link

Be sure you have the Advisors Transcript selected and click Submit.

On this page, you will see your unofficial transcripts. You will see that my courses Build School Families is still in progress and has not yet been graded. (I’ll update this page once I have received my grade)

Now you will want to save your transcripts as a PDF so that you can print it out. I’m currently using Google Chrome, in the top right of the screen click on the three horizontal dots, scroll down and click on print.

You will now be able to select the printer that you want to print to or you may have the option of saving the file to a PDF. If you do not see a PDF option you can install a PDF writer like CutePDF

Feel free to let me know if you found these instructions useful, or if I missed something. or 503 860-1934

Stockton Campus Tech support desk at (209) 946-7400 Please have your student ID number ready and be in front of your computer and available for a min of 10 min.