The statistics about bullying are disturbing.14% of U.S. school children are considered bullies, according to one study. Another 18% are victims of these bullies.


Much of the taunting goes unnoticed, especially among girls. But many children go to school each day, terrified of the schoolyard bully. Then there is the growing menace of cyber-bullying.


Studies have shown that children need to feel safe in order to learn. Teachers are responsible for not only educating children but protecting them. Victims of bullying are often traumatized by the experience and may have strained relationships later in life.


Educators must learn to recognize the signs of bullying and childhood anger before the harmful effects become ingrained.


Different children respond to different approaches. Using the “Think, Look, Talk, Feel” technique helps diffuse bullying situations. Understand why the overly critical Thinker child may call classmates stupid or make fun of them for being different.


Don’t be discouraged by problem students. There are proven methods for preventing bullying in the classroom.


Take  “Transformed Anger” and channel your students’ energy into synergy. Identify the Queen Bees and the Misfit children. Learn the signs of bullying and how to stop it.